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    China National Heavy Duty Truck Hangfa Engine Starter VG1560090001

    Short Description:

    115600127 Power switch-starter connection 121103359 Power switch-starter connection 860508565 Starter
    122500350 Power switch-starter connection 800154430 Starter 800166282 Starter
    800166807 Starter 800171664 Starter 802152511 Starter
    802154605 Starter 860140392 Starter 860500802 Starter
    860501805 Engine starter 860507814 Starter 860502089 Engine starter
    860503953 Engine starter 860505905 Starter 860515179 Engine starter
    860515602 Starter 860521879 Starter 860523631 Starter
    860524526 Starter 860525165 Starter 860528327 Starter
     860530122 Starter 860530542 Starter 860531050 Starter
    860531090 Starter 860531851 Starter 860534970 Starter
    860535011 Starter 860538266 Starter 860541670 Starter
    860542348 Starter 860544075 Starter 860545908 Starter
     860547461 Starter 860555703 Starter 860557345 Starter
    860561397 Starter 860565997 ST9543 Starter 860566215 Starter

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    Product description:

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    Applicable models XCMG QY25K5C_2 QY70KC QY50KC QY25K5D_2 QY25KC  XCT35_BR QY25K5D_3 QY25K5D_3 QY25K5C_1 QY55KC_1 QY25K5F_1 QY50KC QY50K5C_1 QY25K5C_2 QY25K5F QY25K5C QY25K5D_2 QY30KC QY55K5C_2 QY25K5F_1 QY25K5D_1 QY30KC QY55K5D  XCT80L6 XCT130_1 XCT12 XCT80L6 XCT25L4_S XCA40_M XCA30_JY XCT25L5_3 XCT55L5 XCT110_1 XCT60L6 XCT12 XCT25L5_SR XCT25L5_2 XCT95L7 XCT75L7 QY110K8C QY95K7C QY110K7C XCT100 XCT75_S QY40KC XCT90 XCT25 XCT25L5_E QY70KC QY40K5C_2 XCT60L6_1 QY75KC QY100K7C QY95KH  QY100K6C QY50JW XCT16_1 XCT100_BR XCT60 QY20K5D  QY85KC XCT25 XCT80L5 XCT100 XCT20L5_1 XCT75L6 XCT20L5   XCT80_S XPD36 QY16KC QY16KC QY40K5D_1 QY25K5L XCA40 QY40KD QY80K5D QY70K5D_1 QY50KD QY20K5C XCT50_Y XCT16_Y XCT25L4_Y XCT80_Y XCT60_Y XCT50_Y and other XCT QY RT series models.

    Product introduction:

    The starter is divided into DC starter, gasoline starter, compressed air starter and so on according to the working principle. Most of the internal combustion engines use DC starters, which are characterized by compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. The gasoline starter is a small gasoline engine with a clutch and a speed change mechanism. It has high power and is less affected by the temperature. It can start a large internal combustion engine and is suitable for high and cold regions. Compressed air starters are divided into two categories, one is to drive compressed air into the cylinder according to the working order, and the other is to use an air motor to drive the flywheel. The use of compressed air starters is close to that of gasoline starters, and is usually used for starting large internal combustion engines.
    The DC starter is composed of a DC series motor, a control mechanism and a clutch mechanism. It specifically starts the engine and needs a lot of torque, so the amount of current to pass is huge, up to several hundred amps.
    The DC motor has a large torque at low speed, and gradually decreases when the speed is high, which is very suitable for use as a starter.
    The starter adopts a DC series-excited motor, and the rotor and stator parts are wound with relatively thick rectangular cross-section copper wires; the driving mechanism adopts a reduction gear structure; the operating mechanism adopts an electromagnetic magnetic attraction method.

    Company strength:

    The predecessor of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (“China National Heavy Duty Truck”) was Jinan Automobile Manufacturing Plant. Sinotruk produced China's first heavy-duty vehicle in 1960, the Yellow River JN150 eight-ton truck, which ended the history of China's inability to produce heavy-duty vehicles [2] . Sinotruk owns a full range of commercial vehicle brands such as Yellow River, Shandeka, and Howo. It is an enterprise with the most complete driving form and power coverage in China's heavy-duty truck industry. The country's economic construction has made outstanding contributions. The products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions, maintaining the first place in the national heavy truck industry for 15 consecutive years. [3]
    In September 2018, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group ranked 182 in the "2018 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises". In October 2018, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. was listed on Forbes' 2018 list of the world's best employers. Ranked 70th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in 2019. [4] In 2020, Sinotruk ranked 183rd in the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" [5] , 76th in the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises" [6] , and 54th in the "Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in China" bit.

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