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    Shanghai Diesel Engine Piston D05-101-30 +A XCMG Crane Parts

    Short Description:

    A765ZD-13-003+A Expansion Piston A765ZD-13-004+A 110 Piston Ring A774ZL-05-001+A Piston
    A774ZL-05-001A+A Piston B774ZL-05-001A+A Piston B774ZLA-05-001+A Piston B774ZLA-05-001A+A Piston C05AL-05AL502+A Piston C05AL-05AL601+A Piston C05AL-05AL601+B Piston C05AL-05AL602+A Piston Ring C05AL-05AL607+A Piston C05AL-05AL801+A Piston
    C05AL-05AL804+A Piston pin C05AL-7N9805+A Piston pin C05AL-8N3102+A Piston
    C19AL-2S1541+A Piston Cooling Nozzle D02A-030-01+A Piston Cooling Nozzle Part D02A-030-02+A Piston Cooling Nozzle Part D02A-030-02+B Piston Cooling Nozzle Part D02A-030-03+A Piston Cooling Nozzle Parts
    D02A-030-900+A Piston Cooling Nozzle Parts D02A-137-01A+A Piston Cooling Oil Nozzle D02A-137-02A+A Piston Cooling Oil Nozzle D02A-137-30A+A Piston Cooling Oil Nozzle D02A-137-31+ A Piston Cooling Oil Nozzle
    D05-101-02A+A Piston D05-101-03A+A Piston D05-101-04A+A Piston D05-101-30+A Piston D05-101-31M+A Piston D05-101-32+A Piston D05- 101-34+A Piston D05-101-35+A Piston D05-101-40+A Piston D05-101-41+A Piston D05-101-42+A Piston D05-101-43+B Piston D05-101- 44+A Piston D05-101-50+A Piston D05-101-800M+B Piston D05-101-900+A Piston D05-107-33+A Piston Ring D05-107-34+A Piston Ring D05-112- 01+A Piston pin D05-112-40+A Piston pin F/A05-2L Piston ring set F/A05-3L Piston ring set F/D05-01A Piston ring set F/D05-01Y Piston ring set
    F/D05-01Z Piston Ring Group F/D05-101-30 Piston (SH) F/D05-31Y Piston Ring Group G02-150-01+A Piston Cooling Nozzle G05-101-02B+C Piston G05-101-05 +A Piston G05-101-06+A Piston G05-101-08+C Piston G05-101-09+B Piston T05-101-03+A Piston T05-101-40+A Piston T05-101-50+A piston
    800166025 Piston 800166026 Piston 800166028 Piston pin 800166325 Piston 800166326 Piston ring
    Piston 800 171 687 800 171 686 800 166 328 piston pin of the piston rings 800 171 689 803 195 905 piston seal pin 220 × 8.1 803196589 piston seal 50 × 4.2 803196611 piston seal 380 × 8.1 803197646 piston seal 200 × 8.1 803197766 piston seal 110 × 6.3 803299947 lock cylinder lock piston I 803299948 Cylinder Piston II 803299958 Steering Booster Cylinder Piston 803299965 Piston Ring 803299976 Steering Booster Cylinder Piston
    803299978 Piston Ring 803300370 Piston Seal 360×8.1 803304695 Piston Seal 300×8.1 803307285 Piston Seal 40×4.2 803399646 KR Piston Seal 63×6.3 803453190 Piston Support Ring
    803497665 Piston 803497666 Piston Rod 805105169 Piston 860122964 Piston Pin 860123372 Piston Ring Kit 860135386 Piston 860135388 Piston Ring Kit 860144575 Piston 860154754 Piston Ring Set
    Engine piston rings 860,501,836 860,501,839 860,501,837 engine engine piston pin of the piston 860 501 851 860 501 950 hoisting winch motor control variables of the control piston motor variable piston 860 502 124 860 502 041 860 502 167 swing motor variable control piston of the control piston of the piston 860 502 264 860 502 263 860 502 785 Variable piston pin of the piston of the piston 860 502 827 860 502 898 860 502 861 Variable piston Variable piston 860502929 Variable piston 860503497 Flow piston

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    Applicable models XCMG:QY25K5C_2 QY70KC QY50KC QY25K5D_2 QY25KC  XCT35_BR  QY25K5D_3 QY25K5D_3 QY25K5C_1  QY55KC_1 QY25K5F_1 QY50KC QY50K5C_1 QY25K5C_2 QY25K5F QY25K5C QY25K5D_2 QY30KC QY55K5C_2    QY25K5F_1 QY25K5D_1 QY30KC QY55K5D

    XCT80L6 XCT130_1  XCT12  XCT80L6  XCT25L4_S  XCA40_M  XCA30_JY  XCT25L5_3  XCT55L5  XCT110_1  XCT60L6  XCT12  XCT25L5_SR   XCT25L5_2  XCT95L7  XCT75L7  QY110K8C  QY95K7C  QY110K7C  XCT100  XCT75_S  QY40KC  XCT90  XCT25  XCT25L5_E  QY70KC  QY40K5C_2  XCT60L6_1  QY75KC  QY100K7C  QY95KH  QY100K6C  QY50JW  XCT16_1  XCT100_BR  XCT60  QY20K5D  QY85KC  XCT25  XCT80L5  XCT100  XCT20L5_1  XCT75L6  XCT20L5  XCT80_S  XPD36  QY16KC  QY16KC  QY40K5D_1  QY25K5L  XCA40  QY40KD  QY80K5D  QY70K5D_1   QY50KD  QY20K5C XCT50_Y XCT16_Y  XCT25L4_Y  XCT80_Y  XCT60_Y XCT50_Y and other XCT QY RT series models.

    Piston classification:

    Since the pistons of internal combustion engines work under high temperature, high pressure and high load conditions, the requirements for the pistons are relatively high, so we mainly talk about the classification of internal combustion engine pistons.
    1. According to the fuel used, it can be divided into gasoline engine pistons, diesel engine pistons, and natural gas pistons.
    2. According to the material of the piston, it can be divided into cast iron piston, steel piston, aluminum alloy piston and combined piston.
    3. According to the process of manufacturing piston blank, it can be divided into gravity casting piston, squeeze casting piston and forging piston.
    4. According to the working condition of the piston, it can be divided into two categories: non-pressurized piston and pressurized piston.
    5. According to the use of pistons, it can be divided into car pistons, truck pistons, motorcycle pistons, marine pistons, tank pistons, tractor pistons, lawnmower pistons, etc.

    Technical Requirements:

    1. There must be enough strength, stiffness, small mass and light weight to ensure the minimum inertial force.
    2. Good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion resistance, sufficient heat dissipation capacity, and small heating area.
    3. There should be a small friction coefficient between the piston and the piston wall.
    4. When the temperature changes, the size and shape change should be small, and the minimum gap should be maintained with the cylinder wall.
    5. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, the specific gravity is small, and it has good wear reduction and thermal strength.

    Working conditions:

    The piston works under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and poor lubrication. The piston is in direct contact with the high-temperature gas, and the instantaneous temperature can reach more than 2500K. Therefore, the heating is serious and the heat dissipation conditions are very poor, so the temperature of the piston is very high during operation, the top is as high as 600-700K, and the temperature distribution is very uneven; the top of the piston is subjected to The gas pressure is very large, especially the working stroke pressure is the largest, the gasoline engine is as high as 3-5MPa, and the diesel engine is as high as 6-9MPa, which makes the piston produce impact and bear the effect of side pressure; ~12m/s) reciprocating motion, and the speed is constantly changing, which produces a large inertial force, which makes the piston subject to a large additional load. When the piston works under such harsh conditions, it will deform and accelerate the wear, and it will also generate additional load and thermal stress, and at the same time, it will be chemically corroded by the gas.
    Piston inspection is mainly the measurement of skirt diameter, piston ring groove height and piston pin seat hole size:
    ①The selection of the piston should be determined according to the repair size of the cylinder. Usually, the enlarged size value is marked on the top of the piston;
    ②In the same series of fish feeders, the structure of the pistons is not necessarily the same. Therefore, when purchasing pistons, the corresponding types of pistons must be selected according to the type of engine. On the same engine, the same brand, the same group or Pistons with the same product code; the same model must use pistons with the same product code to ensure that the difference in diameter and quality of the piston does not exceed the range specified by the original factory. Otherwise, it will cause the engine to burn badly, work rough, and reduce economy and power. . Therefore, when selecting pistons, the corresponding type of piston must be selected according to the type of engine.

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