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    XCMG Crane Parts Sinotruk Hangfa 6130water pump

    Short Description:

    080V06500-6698/001 Water pump
    080V06500-6700/001 Water pump
    082V06500-6682/002 Water pump
    082V06500-6683/001 Water pump
    200V06500-6694/001 Water Pump
    202V06500-6696/001 Water Pump
    61500060050/001 Water Pump Assembly Type 77
    61500060092/001 Water pump assembly
    61500060154/001 Water pump assembly
    61560060050/001 Water pump assembly
    AZ1500060033/001 Water pump assembly
    AZ1500060033A/001 Water pump assembly
    AZ1500060050/004 Water pump assembly
    AZ1500060050A/001 Water pump assembly
    H61500068229/001 Water pump assembly (with belt pulley)
    H61AG26069002/001 Water pump assembly
    H61AG26069003/001 Water pump assembly
    H61AG26069005/001 Water pump
    H61G05069003/001 Water pump assembly
    H61G26069002/001 Water pump assembly
    H61K11069010/001 Water pump assembly
    H61K11069010A/001 Water pump assembly
    H61Q07069002/001 Water pump assembly
    H64D03069050/001 Water pump assembly
    H64K07069010/001 Water pump assembly
    H67AG30069100/001 Water pump assembly
    H67AQ37069010/001 Water pump assembly
    H67AQ48069154A/001 Water pump assembly
    H67C01069002/001 Water pump assembly
    H68K02069010/001 Water pump assembly
    HG1242060043/001 Water pump assembly (E040)
    HG1500060045/001 Water Pump Assembly
    HG1500060045/002 Water pump assembly (E040)
    HG1500060551/001 Water pump assembly (for multivessel belt)
    HG1500069044/002 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG1500069050/001 Water pump assembly
    HG1500069050/002 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG1500069050/003 Water Pump Assembly
    HG1500069151/001 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG1500069154/002 Water pump assembly (E040)
    HG1500069168/002 Water pump assembly (E040)
    HG1500069229/001 Water pump
    HG1500069229/002 Water pump assembly (E040)
    HG1500069229/003 Water pump assembly
    HG1500069700/002 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG1500069951/002 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG1500069952/001 Water pump assembly
    HG2600060307/001 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG2600060502/001 Water Pump
    HG2600060502/002 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    HG2600060694/002 Water Pump Assembly (E040)
    VG1062060010/001 Water pump assembly (E040)
    VG1062060201/002 Water pump return pipe(E050)
    VG1062060250/001 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1062060350/001 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1062060351/001 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1092064001/001 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1095060053/002 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1246060035/001 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1246060042/001 Water pump assembly(E238)
    VG1246060043/001 Water pump assembly(E238)
    VG1246060094/001 Water pump assembly(E238)
    VG1246060094/002 Water pump assembly(E040)
    VG1246060095/001 Water Pump Assembly(E238)
    VG1246060095/S1 Water Pump Assembly
    VG1246060095/S2 Water pump assembly
    VG1246060108/002 Water pump assembly
    VG1246060110/001 Water pump assembly(600L/min)
    VG1500060050/001 Water pump assembly(E025)
    VG1500060050/002 Water pump assembly (E040)
    VG1500060051/002 Water pump assembly
    VG1500069050/002 Water Pump Assembly(E040)
    VG1500069055/001 Water Pump Assembly
    VG1500069055/002 Water pump assembly
    VG2600060694/001 Water pump
    X6130-1307-001/001 Water pump assembly
    X6130G16S-1307-002/001 Water pump assembly

    860501807 Engine water pump 860502091 Engine water pump

    860503955 Engine water pump 860515181 Engine water pump

    860568447 Water pump volute 860531866 Water pump assembly

    Product Detail

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    Applicable models XCMG QY25K5C_2 QY70KC QY50KC QY25K5D_2 QY25KC XCT35_BR QY25K5D_3 QY25K5D_3 QY25K5C_1 QY55KC_1 QY25K5F_1 QY50KC QY50K5C_1 QY25K5C_2 QY25K5F qy25k5c qy25k5d_2 qy30kc qy55k5c_2 qy25k5f_1 qy25k5d_1 qy30kc qy55k5d
    XCT80L6 XCT130_1 XCT12 XCT80L6 XCT25L4_S XCA40_M XCA30_JY XCT25L5_3 XCT55L5 XCT110_1 XCT60L6 XCT12 XCT25L5_SR XCT25L5_2 XCT95L7 XCT75L7 QY110K8C  QY95K7C QY110K7C XCT100 XCT75_S QY40KC XCT90 XCT25 XCT25L5_E QY70KC QY40K5C_2 XCT60L6_1 QY75KC QY100K7C QY95KH QY100K6C QY50JW XCT16_1 XCT100_BR  XCT60 QY20K5D QY85KC XCT25 XCT80L5 XCT100 XCT20L5_1 XCT75L6 XCT20L5 XCT80_S XPD36 QY16KC QY16KC QY40K5D_1 QY25K5L XCA40 QY40KD QY80K5D QY70K5D_1   QY50KD QY20K5C XCT50_Y XCT16_Y XCT25L4_Y XCT80_Y XCT60_Y XCT50_Y and other XCT QY RT series models

    Product introduction:


    A water pump is a machine that transports or pressurizes a liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, increasing the liquid energy, and is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid-base liquid, emulsion, suspoemulsion and liquid metal.
    Liquids, gas mixtures and liquids with suspended solids can also be transported. The technical parameters of pump performance include flow, suction, head, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc.; according to different working principles, it can be divided into volumetric pumps, vane pumps and other types. Positive displacement pump uses the change of its working chamber volume to transfer energy; vane pump uses the interaction between rotating blades and water to transfer energy, including centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump.
    Before the pump is started, the pump and the water inlet pipe are filled with water. After the pump is running, under the action of the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the water in the flow channel of the impeller is thrown around, pressed into the volute, and a vacuum is formed at the inlet of the impeller. The water in the pool is sucked along the suction pipe under the outside atmospheric pressure to supplement this space. Then the inhaled water is thrown out by the impeller through the volute and enters the water outlet pipe. It can be seen that if the impeller of the centrifugal pump rotates continuously, water can be continuously absorbed and pressed, and the water can be continuously raised from a low place to a high place or a distance. To sum up, the centrifugal pump is called centrifugal pump due to the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the impeller, which lifts the water to a high place.

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